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Red wine and dark chocolate... might seem decadent...but these guilty pleasures also might help us live longer...and healthier lives. Red wine and dark chocolate definitely improve an evening..but they also contain resveratrol..which lowers blood sugar. Red wine is a great source of catechins..which boost protective HDL cholesterol. Green tea? Protects your brain..helps you live longer..and soothes your spirit.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Berries: The New Brain Food!

A study published this week in the Annals of Neurology suggests blueberries and strawberries slow the mental decline of aging. The study analyzed more than 16,000 women participating in the Nurses' Health Study. Women who ate berries more frequently over two decades showed slower decline in brain functions like memory and attention as they got older than those who had the fruits less often. Women who ate berries at least once a week slowed their cognitive decline by about 1.5 to 2.5 years. To see the effect, women had to consume about a half cup of blueberries or a cup of strawberries each week. The benefit is likely explained by a type of flavonoid called anthocyanidins, which are thought to help mitigate the effects of stress and inflammation that could play a role in cognitive decline.