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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take with a grain of salt....

A new study in Europe is turning our presumptions about salt and heart disease upside down. The study followed 3 ,681 middle-aged Europeans who did not have high blood pressure or heart disease. The group was divided into three categories. Low salt, moderate salt and high salt. The heart disease risk in the low salt group was highest..56 % higher than the other groups…and the conclusion was the less salt participants ate, the higher the risk of dying from heart disease.

The bottom line is this…not everyone reacts the same way to salt..some people are salt sensitive and adding salt will definitely bring their blood pressure higher, which is inarguably harmful to heart health. But many people can handle salt..some are not harmed at all.

So..you need to watch your blood pressure…if it is high..or even moderately high..see if cutting salt back brings it down. We all want to have consistant blood pressure levels of 120/70 or less. And watch out for hidden salt. 75% of the salt in any persons diet comes from prepared foods, and restaurant foods, especially fast foods.

One final thought…sea salt provides trace minerals that are actually healthy for your heart...

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