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Red wine and dark chocolate... might seem decadent...but these guilty pleasures also might help us live longer...and healthier lives. Red wine and dark chocolate definitely improve an evening..but they also contain resveratrol..which lowers blood sugar. Red wine is a great source of catechins..which boost protective HDL cholesterol. Green tea? Protects your brain..helps you live longer..and soothes your spirit.

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I say lets make the thoughts good ones..and let the choices be healthy...exciting...and delicious! Bon Appetit!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hold the Mayo!

We are coming into a season of weight gain, festive parties and holidays.  It is not unusual to put on a few pounds this time of year. With that in mind I plan to share some simple ways to keep those creeping pounds from attaching themselves to you.

Hold the mayo! One simple little change like skipping the ketchup, mayo or other ‘special’ sauces could save you around 100
 calories per day.

That one small step alone could help you lose up to 10 pounds this year.

Don't drench your foods in sauces...instead season with a bit of sea salt and other spices and enjoy the fresh natural flavors of your favorite foods.

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