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Thursday, September 8, 2011

URGENT: Call Congress & Tell Them to Protect your Supplements

Call Your Representative Today!

Dear Friends and Fellow Dietary Supplement Consumers,

The FDA is at it again. New draft guidance from the FDA and members of Congress aims to create unnecessary regulations which, if passed in the near future, will severely limit our access to dietary supplements in this country. These new regulations fall under what's called "Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients", and will essentially create impossible barriers for supplement companies, thus preventing these companies from producing and selling their natural health products. Period.

This new guidance will give the FDA complete power to approve or reject any dietary supplement from being sold – a power that Congress never intended to give the FDA (as set forth in the 1994 DSHEA guidelines which act to protect our access to dietary supplements).

Under these new regulations, between 20,000 and 42,000 supplements are expected to be pulled off the market, while the costs of those that remain will drastically increase. And don't fool yourself, any supplements remaining on the market if this guidance is passed will be those that are manufactured and distributed by Big Pharma.

That's why we urgently need your help in protecting America's right to access safe and effective natural dietary supplements and ingredients.  Alliance for Natural Health has organized a movement to tell our Congress members by the thousands to STOP the FDA's OVER-REACH of POWER!!

Please don't let the FDA and Big Pharma succeed in this dangerous power grab for YOUR dietary supplements. Tell Congress enough is enough!

Thank you for taking action in this critical struggle to protect our access to natural health solutions. Our health freedom depends on it!

Go to this page. It will give you talking points for your conversation with your legislators’ offices, and has an interactive feature to look up your senators’ and representative’s names and phone numbers just by typing in your ZIP code.

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