Who says we have to suffer...to live a healthy happy vibrant life?

Red wine and dark chocolate... might seem decadent...but these guilty pleasures also might help us live longer...and healthier lives. Red wine and dark chocolate definitely improve an evening..but they also contain resveratrol..which lowers blood sugar. Red wine is a great source of catechins..which boost protective HDL cholesterol. Green tea? Protects your brain..helps you live longer..and soothes your spirit.

Food for Thought, the blog, is about living the good life...a life we create with our thoughts and our choices...and having fun the whole while!

I say lets make the thoughts good ones..and let the choices be healthy...exciting...and delicious! Bon Appetit!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recipe for Happiness..to sweeten up your day...hangs in my kitchen and never fails to make me smile...

Combine 4 parts of Contentment, 2 parts Joy & 1 part Pleasure. But these ingredients must be grown in one's own garden.
Sometimes they may be obtained of a good friend.
So procured, a fair return must be made else happiness spoils and becomes trouble.
Sometimes Discontent and Ambition have been combined in a desire to obtain Happiness but Fame and Wealth have resulted and persons who have tasted these say they are inferior substitutes...
         ~ Mary Englebreit

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